Friday the 13th was lucky!

Last Friday was magic on a Friday the 13th!!!!!!!!!! How cool is that?

Thank you’s to 96.7 The Eagle radio station in Rockford, IL. Very classy group of people and Brizz is the best. Thank you to everyone for all the kindness and support. Great classic rock station.

I wanted my band mates with me for the in-studio appearance before our big gig. I was supposed to do a quick radio interview and then do a tune with John Lewis, my cool guitar bud. We had this big rehearsal and I thought…..I want these guys with me. So…………we invaded Rockford. Did our single “Lovers” with 2 acoustic guitars, shakers, and Jordy’s big bongo drum. Actually it’s not a bongo drum. I can’t remember what it is. It is cool and sounds cool. Jordy what is it? Joel was in charge of the vibe, well done. Great backgrounds too!:) “Lovers” was great….Takes me back to when I wrote it. Simple.

The Adriatic show was a blast! Tons of new friends and followers. Magical night. 30 tunes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So very cool!!! We didn’t want to stop and the audience didn’t want us to stop either. No one left; it was a late night!!

The real feels good were doing a few with just John, and most definitely “Wherever You May Be”  by myself on Ryan’s keyboard. I’ve never played piano live before an audience. Scary considering I don’t play the piano. I told the world what the love song was about and to whom, my son Patrick. That also was a new thing to do. Opening up about an intensely personal real life thing. I will do that again sometime. The other high was “Back Again.” Really cool rocker that has a vibe.

I think I grew a bit. Pushing the limit, raising the bar…taking a risk, feeling it, doing it. I thought we were killer Friday night. My band mates are the best. So much fun. We will be back to the Adriatic in June. Rockford, IL is a great rock town. It just is.

Well done John McCally. John was instrumental in getting this whole day/night planned. Was a great night.

Highlight for anyone? Check out the pic of my fortune from a Chinese fortune cookie. Gave me chills.:)

We are going to rock Rockford!

I’m heading to LA for a couple of days.  We have another rehearsal Wednesday night before our huge show in Rockford,IL this Friday night (4/13/12) @ the Adriatic.  Hoping everyone can make it.  We’ll be playing for 1 1/2 hours and doing many new tunes!  96.7 The Eagle, one of Rockford’s top radio stations, is sponsoring this performance in celebration of their 8th anniversary as a classic rock station.  Great people, great music.   Will be doing a live interview with them late afternoon on Friday, tune in for the fun.  Thinking John Lewis and I will do a TFB tune live with acoustic guitars. Should be great!!!!!!! 

Hope everyone has a great week!!
What’s Going On With the Tom Fuller Band

We’re all excited about the upcoming Rockford, IL radio station appearance and gig…seeing old friends, rocking it out in Rockford. We’ll be headlining a show for 96.7 The Eagle at The Adriatic Cafe. So to get ready for that cool show…we’re working on a half dozen new tunes never performed live before. It’s so much fun to re-invent the songs all over again. Live vibe requires different energy that has to carry it. Tonight in rehearsal we worked on Back Again and Beyond The Edge………very different vibes but intense. Love hearing my band mate’s creative ideas too.

Joel thinks we should do a bowling fan night. Yeah we go bowling somewhere for a few hours with our fans and friends, then we do a free rock concert after. We just have one big bowling rock night. We took a vote and it passed.

Will be posting some new pics from a couple of recent shows. I think there are some really good ones. We’re also looking around for a place to do a band photo shoot soon. We’re thinking somewhere cool in Chicago.
It’s all good. TF