Saturday, April 12th, we are going to take over Hard Rock Cafe Chicago and blow the roof off the place! We’re going to be playing a ton of songs from our new album as well as TFB classics! The show kicks off at 10pm with our friends The JoyRyders and advance tickets are only $7.50!
You do not want to miss this!!

Saturday, April 12th, we are going to take over Hard Rock Cafe Chicago and blow the roof off the place! We’re going to be playing a ton of songs from our new album as well as TFB classics! The show kicks off at 10pm with our friends The JoyRyders and advance tickets are only $7.50!

You do not want to miss this!!

Big shows coming up!

Hi everyone,

It’s the end of March, feels like winter in Chicago, and we’re hoping to be able to go for a boat ride by July!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, this has been a very long winter. But we’re not alone. Most of America can say the same.

Our shows with Cowboy Mouth in Milwaukee and at the House of Blues in Chicago were fabulous. Many thanks to all the people that helped put the shows on, those that came out to listen, and those that were there in spirit!

Hoping you have seen some of the pictures posted on the TFB website and Facebook. We were really happy because we used our new TFB neon light. We think it’s pretty cool.

We recently worked out a couple of more shows with Cowboy Mouth in Texas at the end of May. Another House of Blues in Houston on Friday, May 30th, and Gas Monkey Bar N Grill in Dallas on Saturday, May 31st. We’re working on getting more shows for on the way down or on the way back or both! TFB has rocked Texas before and no doubt our next trip will be the same.

February 23rd we did a performance video for Jurisdiction. That leaves just two more to go, Sweet Dreams and Highest Mountain. Both fabulous songs, we’re certain you will enjoy. But we also still have several cameos to film as well. It feels like its taking a long time to complete, but making videos is just as intense as writing and recording a full music project.

We’re also getting into filming some of our shows live too. Soon, you’ll be able to see some of it on YouTube, Facebook, etc…

The album cover for Freedom has been selected, with minor tweaks being completed as I write. Since that is finished, now the EPK can be concluded too. It never ceases to amaze me how everything is always tied together. Can be frustrating at times waiting for one thing to be completed, and then having to wait for something else to be completed before tackling another.

For those of you who missed our Chicago House of Blues show, we have another big hometown gig coming up Saturday, April 12th at the Hard Rock Café in Chicago. Our friends The JoyRyders will be opening for us. Will be fun to hang out with Andrew & Co.; hoping all of you can make it. Will be a special show for sure!!!!!!!!

All of us are grateful for your support and hope to see any and all of you soon.

God Bless.


Great Shows This Past Weekend!

Hi Everyone,

Many thanks to all of those cool fans who came out to rock this past Friday in Milwaukee at the Potawatomi Casino, and of course our hometown show at the House Of Blues in Chicago Saturday night! Two packed shows, awesome!!! We had a great time playing with Cowboy Mouth at both of these great venues!

Thank you also to all of the sound people that helped us! You guys are so professional.  It is always fun to play at well run establishments who take artists and their music seriously!

It was so much fun. The tunes are coming together as we reinvent them from recorded sound. Fat Boy, Jurisdiction, Freedom, Lonely Man……………..were so much fun playing live!!  We could tell the fans were turned on too.

We used our new TF neon icon logo on the stage at HOB. It’s pretty cool and I know it helped us get to another level. Look for more pics to be posted soon from both shows on all media outlets and the website. There are currently tons of pictures being posted on our Facebook page. Hoping you can check them out. Also, we filmed the HOB show. Hopefully the audio will be great and we will post on YouTube, etc. Stay tuned.

You guys are great! Thanks so much for your support. See you at the Hard Rock Café in Chicago April 12 for our major headlining show. Be there!!!!!!!!!

God Bless



Happy Valentine’s Day! New shows, new album updates!


Happy Valentine’s Day to all TFB fans worldwide!!!!!!!!! 

Wishing everyone a super fun time. Please be safe driving and stay warm.

All month I have been thinking about our Europe tour last year at this time with Little Feat and later with Wishbone Ash. What a wonderful journey. John McCally put together a book with of his photos that documented our fun, rockin’ times. Well done John, it’s a keeper.

What’s really exciting too is that we will be going back again this year. No details yet, but with the release of the new project and videos, plans are being made now. It’s so very exciting. Rocking Europe is cool. I welcome going there this summer. We froze our butts off last time.

OK…………it’s time to come clean and update about the new album project and videos. Here’s the deal: We were going to call it “Don’t Ask.” Unfortunately, the potential covers we considered, didn’t quite communicate the vibe and coolness of the music. So………..I went back to my original choice which was to call it “FREEDOM.” The title track Freedom, is absolutely killer. Very honest and real, concerning the challenges of emotional pain. I consider it one of my best tunes ever.

To go with that, the video project has gone to another zone too. It started out we were just going to do one music video for the song 1+1 only. But that then evolved to doing a 6 tune story. Taking on a life of its own, that led to…………..let’s tell a story and do a video for each of the 11 songs from the CD. How cool is that? It’s been another labor of love, but very time consuming. Well worth it.

What I have seen is stellar. Not sure how this is all going to come together, but I think May 2014 is the date to wait for.
Music and video. 11tunes!!!!!!!!!!!!! Very cool.

A few shows are on the horizon. Potawatomi Casino in Milwaukee on February 28th and the next night at the House of Blues in Chicago on March 1. Both of those shows we will be playing with Cowboy Mouth. The following month we will be playing at Hard Rock Café Chicago for the first time. That show is with our friends The JoyRyders on April 12th.
All 3 of these shows will be special and I’m hoping I see tons of familiar and new faces. These will be fun and you’ll have a great time!

Again, Happy Valentine’s Day from the Tom Fuller Band!!!!! Rock on!!


Video shoot update!

Hi everyone out there!

Wherever you are, I hope you are warm and taking care of yourselves. Happy winter!!!!!!!!!!

Last few days, TFB has been shooting film in Chicago. It really is a gigantic undertaking. A lot of people, time, and creativity go into this. Its
impossible to really understand how much detail is required until you walk the walk.

One of the surprise feel good for me is this: When any of the guys are playing their part and being filmed alone, I get to watch them perform as a watcher. Think about it: We rehearse; we do shows together, sing together. I never really get to watch!
So…………..have been re-blown away, watching my mates do their thing. You guys are great!

Makeup: Guys are clueless. I know women are experts, we are not! So……………..thank God for Katie and Sam. Both of these ladies are so good and so patient. I have a new sense of understanding when I see anyone wearing makeup. I get it. I also get how important it is for us to take care of our skin with moisturizers. Never in my wildest imagination, did I ever think I would write something like that. OMG I’m done.

We’re having a blast making videos. The decision has been made to have a video for each song on the new project. Also have been having thoughts about having a video release party somewhere too. Think about it. 11 videos telling a story, 11 killer tunes, 5 great guys.

And the worlds greatest fans!!!!!! You!

Anyone have a cool idea? Let us know.

God Bless and stay warm.


Happy New Year 2014!

Two zero one four! 2014!!

This year is gonna be a rocker. Happy New Year to all, everywhere.

We’re making like 9 videos. One is finished, the others are in process — whatever that means. :) Producing these videos is a very tedious, time consuming job. However, TFB is getting the job done!!

One fun thing I did last week: I ordered a huge neon TFB sign. Am going electric !!!!!!!!!!!!!! TFB will be electrified! Look for cool pics soon. My friend Betsy found a guy in the Chicago area who makes these by hand.
Very cool old school craftsman. Hoping we get it next week. Full credit goes to Jordy for the cool idea. Excited.

Couple of cool shows coming up soon. I’m already wound up for the House of Blues show in Chicago on Saturday, March 1st. Thinking this will be sold out, and we hope everyone can make it. Come to Chicago!

My Super Bowl pick is for Denver. I just get Peyton Manning, such a class act. Seattle is fabulous too, but I like Peyton.

Hoping you’re rocking it wherever you are.


Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all TFB fans everywhere! Thanks so much for all your support; we couldn’t have done it without you. All of us are very excited about 2014. We wish all of you a healthy and prosperous new year!

God Bless!


London at Christmastime

December 10, 2013

Hi everyone!!

I’m heading to London tomorrow. More meetings and
discussions, all related to music, videos, epk, distribution,
radio, and fish ‘n chips.

Going to see my good friends Russ and Kim, and maybe a
few others too. London at Christmastime is always a really
good time.

The band and I have been rehearsing quite a bit. 2014 is
going to be a memorable one, to say the least. I can feel it!!

Also, we have been working on more new tunes. Melodies
keep coming.

Some big news: Couple of weeks ago, we made the
decision to make a 6 part video series where each video
leads to the next video. All the songs will be from our
upcoming CD “Don’t Ask.” Exciting stuff!! This is in
addition to the 1+1 song video, which will be separate.

Also, be sure to check out the now released “Maristar” on
CD Baby, iTunes, etc……………anywhere quality music
is sold, is where we are.:)

Will send another note after I get back from London, and
for sure before Christmas. All the best.

God Bless


Lots of good things coming soon!

Hey to all of you out there!

Feels like I’ve been “out there” too! So much left to complete before the end of the year, I keep making to-do lists. 2014 is going to be a rocking year for TFB, I can feel it!!!!!

The Park West show in Chicago was a blast. It was really fun doing some of the new tunes live, many for the first time! The crowd reaction was great. Think it’s universal; our new song

Fat Boy is a real cool rocker!!!! :) Check out pics from the show!

So now it’s November. 2013 for me has been a blur. It just has. The other day, a stranger was talking about how many days until Christmas. I was stunned, and interjected, you’ve got to be kidding!!!

So for Christmas, I have a surprise. We are going to make Maristar available for purchase. Will be on web site, CD Baby, ITunes etc. Maristar was the project before the completion of Ask. It’s a really long story, but Ask became the commercial product, and included 7 tunes off Maristar. But…..Maristar had 7 other tunes that many of you probably have never heard; Red Horse Saloon, Coffee Pot, Knee Pads………… name a few. Maristar is a must for all TFB fans if you don’t have a copy.

In the meantime, we’re working on graphics for the new Don’t Ask CD and an EPK, video, all to be released at the same time, hopefully in January, 2014. There is a lot going on.

And I have to mention again, Ask and Don’t Ask, will be available on vinyl!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Right after I got back from Abbey Road last month, I had to buy a new turntable to play both. Vinyl is so cool. Feel like I am a part of the vinyl revolution. Seriously, it’s coming back; I have met many who agree it takes listening to music back to a magical experience. I have missed that in this digital world we live in.

I have been rehearsing with the band a lot too. We want to really get in the zone with live performances on the new tunes. They are so cool and require a lot of detailed parts that come together as one. Also, we’re working on some tunes from past albums Chasing An Illusion and Abstract Man, to start re-doing live. Great music we don’t want to forget about. Tunes like Lollipop Guild and Midnight Pass. Great rockers.

Joel, Ryan, John and Jordy all say hi. We love all of you!

God Bless.


New album news!

Hi everyone!

Hoping all is well in your worlds. Can’t believe it’s October. 2013 has been a complete blur.

It has been decided to call the new album project “Don’t Ask.” I love the new title. For a while I thought it would total 12 tunes, but we stopped at 11.

Here they are:

1. Roller Coaster Free Fall

2. Lonely Man

3. Freedom

4. 1+1

5. Bring Me Down’

6. Fat Boy

7. Sweet Dreams

8. Jurisdiction

9. Sidewinder

10. Highest Mountain

11. I Will Always Think About You.

Last week I was in Muscle Shoals, AL finishing up the mixing process at Fame Studios. Don Srygley is a genius at mixing. Love Don, he gets the music and always delivers. Many thanks Donny.

Next up is to head over to London the week of October 14th for mastering at Abbey Road Studios. Always a feel good going back to Abbey Road to hang. While I’m in London, we will be going over all the details of putting the music out there. Many people are involved, but it is so much a work of love. Stay tuned for more details when they are known. A lot is up in the air and many decisions still to be made.

Here’s some more cool news. We’ve been working on a video for 1+1 here in Chicago. It’s pretty awesome and we are very pleased. Will be posting some stills from the video soon and perhaps some trailers you’ll be able to see on the TFB website. It’s really very exciting. Discussions are also taking place with the idea of doing another 6 videos to go with 1+1 and they will all be interconnected in a very creative cool way. 1+1 will be the first radio tune. Exciting.I have so wanted to share this great news, but we needed to wait until it all evolved. Hoping you guys out there will dig it too.

All of us: me, Jordy, Ryan, Joel and John………..send you our love and many thanks for your support and patience.

Numerous killer things are jelling and coming together, and we want all of you to enjoy this cool ride too. Thanks so much.

God Bless,